Like much of the Western world, Wales has experienced massive change over the last fifty years. Ours is a culture in transition. Rightly or wrongly, for the church, these changes can feel like a bad thing. It can feel like a ‘Psalm 11 moment’ – the foundations are being destroyed (v4). But they also raise a question, one we are all answering whether we realise it or not: ‘how shall the church respond?’

3Again Psalm 11 comes to mind. The advice of v1 is tempting: ‘flee like a bird to your mountain’. And I can certainly feel the force of v3: ‘the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?’

But Psalm 11 is calling us to something different: to take refuge in the Lord (v1); to remember his sovereignty (v4); that he tests the hearts of his people (v5); that he judges the world in righteousness (v5-6); that he loves righteous deeds (v7); and that, whatever happens, the righteous shall surely see his face (v7).

That is the vision that lies behind ReformissionWales. Despite all that has shifted, if you dig deeper and think bigger, nothing has changed at all. God still reigns. Jesus Christ is still his eternal Son. The atonement is still sufficient. The tomb is still empty. The Spirit is still striving, convicting, regenerating, equipping, sanctifying, empowering, keeping. The ascended Christ still builds his Church. And the gates of hell are still unable to do anything about it.

There are concrete, practical things ReformissionWales is pursuing. But when all is said and done we are after something bigger than any of that. This is not really about plans and activities, necessary as those are. We need to meet with God himself. To wrestle with him. To be touched by him. To be humbled by him. In the end we believe nothing less that that will do.