27 Feb 2015 – Next ‘Equipped’ Seminar


In our secular culture many people see Christianity as something that has been tried and found wanting. This is something new and it is not easy for Christians and Churches to adapt. What does it take to be faithful and fruitful in this new situation?

To help us with this we are running a series of seminars that will use Tim Keller’s book ‘Center Church’ as a syllabus. You don’t need to buy the book but you can get one here if you want one.

The big idea is that in a secular context there are three commitments we need to have: ‘Gospel’, ‘Community’ and ‘Movement’. This series looks at the first commitment: ‘Gospel’. Click here for an overview of the series.

It will all be very relaxed and easy to understand. Just drop a line to Ian to say you’re coming (find contact details here) and bring a Bible. You can drop in or out at any point during the course. Each session will be held in The Bay Church Office in Cardiff Bay (find the address here).

Session 5 – The Gospel affects everything

7.45pm, Fri 27 Feb 2015

The Gospel is not just the doorway into the Christian life. You never leave it behind. Progressing and growing is about moving deeper into it. But what does that mean and what does it look like?

Center Church pp36-37, 46-53

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