Itinerant Preachers Network



Much important work is done across Wales through the ministries of itinerant preachers. Like anything worth doing, itinerant preaching is not easy. As well as the pressures common to all ministry, itinerating has its own unique challenges.

The Itinerant Preachers Network (IPN) exists to bring together those who are engaged (or aspiring to be engaged) in this work. The key words for us are ‘pray’, ‘connect’, ‘equip’ and ‘support’.

1. Three Core Aims

To raise the profile of Itinerant Ministry as a significant and strategic work

To support and encourage those already engaged in Itinerant Ministry

To help those just beginning to preach

2. What we are doing

MENTORING Linking up men with an experienced preacher who can provide personalised help and support.

FRATERNALS Meeting locally through the year, these are the ‘basic units’ of the IPN. The focus is on prayer, fellowship, encouragement, training and teaching.

TRAINING Delivered through Fraternals and Day Conferences and covering everything from the practicalities of voice production, leading a service and sermon preparation to the deeper more strategic issues of handling a text and understanding our post Christian context.

COORDINATING We are able to bring preachers and churches together

3. Being a part

Involvement in the IPN is not limited to people who come from AECW churches. We are uniting on the basis of the Gospel (summarised in the Doctrinal Statement on the Registration Form – you can also view it here.) 

We are also stressing the primacy of the local church in all we are doing. Anyone is welcome to attend, but we have established a system of formal registration for those who want to become fully involved. This registration process requires the full support of a person’s local church leadership.

Registration Forms can be downloaded here. Or, if you want hardcopy sent to you by post, use the form below to contact Jeff Bownds.

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