North Wales Fairs and Shows

Picture3Back in the 1960’s Ifan Mason Davies began visiting shows and fairs with the aim of sharing the Gospel. In 2004, supported by the Welsh Evangelical Church in Aberystwyth, Roger Thomas took up the work full time. In 2005 Gareth Thomas joined Roger on a voluntary basis. Today all three are still involved. Roger is now funded by The Salvation Army.

The aim is simple. It is to meet people, extend a welcome, share some conversation, and especially to share the deep love of Jesus. There are books to buy, DVDs to watch, leaflets to take away, tea and coffee to drink, biscuits to eat and activities for the children to do.

Picture1Gareth writes: ‘We meet with a wide range of responses. There is antagonism from a few, and apathy from some. But there are also real opportunities to share the Gospel. Sometimes it is just a brief word or two – just a seed sown. But sometimes it is a long conversation, maybe with a chance to follow up later. Then sometimes a conversation is continued as you meet the same person again at another show. Please pray for ‘Divine appointments’ where the Holy Spirit is at work in the hearts of those brought across our path, and pray that we will be given the appropriate responses.

Picture4We are thankful for those who share in this work – some regularly and some occasionally. It would not be possible to cover so many events without their help. It has been encouraging to know that others can carry the work on when I cannot and it is good to see others coming on in their service to the Lord. Two new workers were able to help out this year and I trust they will be able to help again. Of course support comes in other forms like those churches and individuals who pray and give for which we again give thanks.

We are open to suggestions as to how this work can be widened both in additional events or locations and welcome ideas for puzzles to give the children or ways of getting the Gospel into the hands and minds of people.’

If you want to know more. Get in touch with Gareth using this form . . .

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